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How To Measure Email Marketing Campaigns
How does your results compare to other companies in the Construction Industry?
SEO and first party data strategy to avoid loss of traffic and prepare for changes in 2023.
Reviewing the changes being made in the industry and how businesses can avoid potential loss of valuable data.
How to Successfully Create and Promote a Whitepaper
Download The Ultimate 101 Guide to Copy - Whitepaper Edition.
The move from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
Google Analytics is a web analytics service that offers basic analytical tools and data for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing.
How to Create the Perfect Promotional E-Blast
Download The Ultimate 101 Guide to Promotional E-Blasts to maximize your results. 
Record construction equipment sales in 2021
Download your one-page guide to the key headlines.
How to Design the Perfect Web Banner
Download The Ultimate 101 Guide to Creatives - Web Banner Edition e-book to maximise your digital campaigns.
Digital Marketing Glossary
All the terms you need to know to understand digital marketing campaign results.
Digital Marketing Channel Guide
Download our guide to find out more about how to use different digital marketing channels. 
Social Media Image Sizes 2022
Get pixel perfect with the latest image size guide for social media.
2022 Global Construction Forecasts
Look into your crystal ball and find out what will be happening in the global construction market in 2022.
2022 Social Media Calendar for Power
Download your social media calendar for the power and engine industry.
2022 Social Media Calendar for Construction
Download all the key dates to hashtag in 2022 for the construction industry. 
Make the Most of the Media
Find out how to send in a press release and hit the headlines for your industry.
6 Steps for Successful SEO
At KHL, SEO is our most important digital channel, here’s what we focus on to make it a success. 
The effect of GDPR on Google Analytics (GA)
GDPR is widely regarded as one of the most significant data-protection reforms in the last two decades.