Align with the leading global information supplier for the construction and power industries

KHL Group is  the leading supplier of international construction and power information in the world. It has achieved rapid growth through market focus and an intense knowledge of the world market. Editorial quality and independence from commercial pressures is why KHL's brands are trusted by senior decision makers across our sectors.

Our Brands

Construction Division

Power Division

Our Opportunities

KHL Group will work with you to deliver the results you need. Whether you are looking to raise brand awareness within our industries, or capture warm leads, we have opportunities available and our team will work with you throughout the whole campaign. 

As well as our leading print magazines, we provide digital marketing solutions, webinars and events for our clients.

Transparency and Results

We understand how marketing budgets are linked to results and how important campaign performance is to our clients. In the digital age, there is no hiding from the raw data. That is why all our digital clients have access to their live campaigns through our bespoke digital dashboard. 

The Dashboard provides statistics from all the various digital marketing campaign types that KHL offer in near real time via direct APIs to the source data.. It brings to one central online system all the various campaigns such as website campaigns, newsletter campaigns, remarketing, social media and e-cast campaigns. Clients can quickly access, interrogate and export reports to help monitor their campaigns progress both during and after the campaign.

The Team

The KHL Digital Team can provide help, advice and a consultancy service to clients who would like the extra support. From deciding on the best brands and channels, to analysing creatives and campaign performance we work hard so you get the results.