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Sponsored Content

Sponsored content creates reader engagement when written in a newsworthy format. It displays in a prominent position on the magazine homepage and is included on the relevant magazine weekly newsletter. Sponsored content is designed to educate the reader and increase brand engagement. ​

Sponsored content does not affect user experience.

You may provide images, video embed codes and links in the article back to your website.

Sponsored Videos

Sponsored videos of 1-3 minutes are ideal in capturing your audience. Placed on a high profile portal on the magazine homepage and on KHL’s YouTube channel.​

The KHL Digital Team will monitor your sponsored content and provide a full report on its performance.

Sponsored content works​. Visitors look at native ads 53% more than banner ads and create an 18% increase in purchase intent.​

Sponsored content fights ad fatigue​. As long as the content is relevant and interesting, native advertising engages the audience.​

Visitors know that sponsored content is a form of advertising​. But don’t seem to care.​

Website sponsored content rates
Position Desktop Tablet Mobile EUR USD
Sponsored content 1 & 2
An opportunity for you to promote your knowledge or expertise on a specific subject, expanding in to a longer article or use video to further engage potential customers. Excellent for lead generation, or building brand awareness. ‘Run of site’.
Headline: (maximum 40 characters inc. spaces)
Standfirst: (maximum 250 characters inc. spaces)
Button text: Max 20 characters including spaces
Article: Max 3000 characters including spaces, five JPEG or PNG images or a link to an article hosted on your website.
Image size: High Res, 3:2 ratio JPEG*
*Images are processed to the best optimized size dependant on viewing device size and to ensure that the image is loaded instantly without delay
Newsletter sponsored content rates
Position EUR USD
Sponsored content
Sold monthly
Highly prominent position to dominate newsletter with space to expand your message.
Maximum two sponsored content slots per newsletter
Headline (maximim 60 characters)
Body copy (400 characters)
Button Text (20 characters)
Click-through URL
Image size: high Res, 3:2 ratio JPEG
€2,310 $2,625


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