White Paper

White paper marketing will establish your company as an authority in your sector, giving you a competitive edge. White papers provide the persuasiveness of an article, combined with the product information of a brochure.

White paper marketing

5 key benefits of producing and marketing a white paper:
  • Gain highly qualified, targeted leads
  • Establish your brand as an authority
  • Build a rapport with potential clients
  • Educate your audience
  • Hundreds of thousands of brand impressions during the marketing campaign
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case study: Lawsons Global Recruitment Whitepaper

The brief:

When Lawsons Global Recruitment (part of KHL Group) opened their first US office, they commissioned a whitepaper to help with business development and to establish themselves as an authority in the industry.

The Process:

After investigating the current pain points in the industry, the topic of “skills shortages” was selected.
KHL’s experienced team sent out a survey to a carefully selected audience and collated over 130 results.
Our team also conducted several in-depth interviews with major players in the industry.
The whitepaper was written by an experienced journalist and the KHL design team took care of how the information was presented.
The whitepaper was then distributed through KHL’s communication channels, including on relevant websites, newsletters, social media and e-blasts.
Data was collected from anyone who downloaded the whitepaper and they all received a personal follow-up email from Rob Miner VP of Lawsons North America.
Members of the Lawsons team also send the whitepaper directly to current and potential clients, as a key part of the business development.

The results:

The White Paper has been an excellent tool in our BD process , here at Lawsons. It has been extremely well received by our clients, and candidates, as an insight into talent challenges within their industries. The value has been across functions and levels within organisations, from recruiters to CEO’s. For Lawsons, it has clearly demonstrated that we are truly consultants, and consultative, and we can add value to the wider talent challenges in the market and be perceived as a knowledge base for this – ultimately being a valued and ‘go to’ partner for recruitment and talent services.

Douglas Macdonald
Managing Director
Lawsons Global Recruitment

Along with over 100 new contacts, the whitepaper proved to be invaluable when conducting business development. Potential and new clients already regarded Lawsons as the experts in their field and trusted the company.

The whitepaper was vital in opening up new opportunities, including an invite to speak on the Crownsmen Show!


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