Magazine Advertising

Unique advertising positions for show guide issues or supporting product launches offer a great opportunity for some high impact, high visibility marketing.

Advertising positions:

Magazines give you the space to turn your advertisement into a visual story, not just a one-line product pitch.

Barn door

A split cover revealing your advert comprising of a full page and two half page verticals.

Belly band/Wrap around

Your belly band wrapped around the magazine with the option of linking to your double page spread of advertising inside the magazine.


A supplement bound in the magazine consisting of four, eight, 12 or 16 pages.

Gatefold: Cover or inside position

Three pages of advertising opening out as a gatefold from either the front cover or back cover. Or, opening out as a four- or six-page gatefold inside the magazine.


Attach a postcard to the front cover of the magazine for high visibility marketing that every subscriber will see and be engaged.

Bookmark or Tabbed ad

You can guarantee all subscribers see your advertisement with a bookmark added to your ad or highlighted with a tabbed insert.

Matt Burk
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Advertising Rates

30% surcharge for cover positions. 15% Discount for non-agency clients.

Number of Insertions 1 3 6 12
Full Page $5,040 $4,720 $3,700 $4,250
Half Page Island $4,360 $4,170 $3,760 $3,560
Half Page $3,810 $3,560 $3,130 $2,930
Third Page $3,330 $3,280 $2,870 $2,720
Quarter Page $2,130 $2,070 $1,840 $1,700

Magazine Specifications

Bleed size

Please add 3mm (0.125in) bleed to all edges of full page and DPS ad sizes.


CMYK only – do not use RGB or spot colour

Bonus digital issue

All advertisements are included in the digital version of the magazine and are linked to the company website or direct to a specific URL. Please supply high resolution pdf files.

Full page

7.875in W x 10.75in H
(200mm W x 273mm H)

Half page island

4.625in W x 6.625in H
(118mm W x 168mm H)

Half page vertical

3.375in W x 9.875in H
(86mm W x 251mm H)

Half page horizontal

7.062in W x 4.625in H
(180mm W x 118mm H)

Third page vertical

2.250in W x 9.875in H
(57mm W x 251mm H)

Third page horizontal

7.062in W x 3.125in H
(180mm W x 80mm H)

Quarter page

3.375in W x 4.625in H
(86mm W x 118mm H)

Please send all ad materials to:


Matt Burk
+1 773-610-9467
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Bev O'Dell
+1 816-886-1858
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