KHL Group is the leading supplier of international construction and power information in the world. It has achieved rapid growth through market focus and an intense knowledge of the world market. Editorial quality and independence from commercial pressures are why KHL's brands are trusted by senior decision makers across our sectors.

Effective at:
  • Communicating with customers
  • Driving sales
  • Delivering customers to your website (Boost web traffic)
  • Delivering digital brochures and in-house publications
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Campaign launch in 5 easy steps:

Create the email and subject line
KHL can provide, assistance and advice - free of charge
Select your audience.
E.g. Geographic, sector, business type, end user, language(no extra charge for different languages in the same campaign).
Compiled e-mail is sent to you for approval.
Campaign will not be launched until approval is recieved.
Select date and time for launch.
View campaign results from your computer in real-time
Results inlcude: number of emails opened, number of clicks, job title, company and country of those who opened and clicked.


  • Launched withing 48 hours of receipt of the e-mail content.
  • Experience tells us that 80% of the response is made within the first 48 hours of the campaign being launched.
  • Prepared, tested,launched and delivered within 96 hours.


  • Content supplied by you (or designed by KHL).
  • Embedded links to brochures or video.
  • Text-only version to improve deliverability rate


  • The e-mail is dedicated to you and is not shared with other companies
  • The e-mail will be from you and not KHL
  • Subject line chosen by you.
  • No 'spam' characteristics.

Undelivered emails?

KHL will not charge for undelivered emails. This includes bounces (hard or soft), and firewall rejections


Transparency and accountability – easily calculate return on investment

When the campaign is launched, online real-time access to the ongoing results are available through our digital campaign dashboard

This access can be shared with your colleagues via the internet and the campaign results downloaded


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