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SOURCE: GOOGLE ANALYTICS. Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the internet and considered the most accurate

  • Direct traffic from IRN's website straight to yours Boost your web traffic by choosing your website as a landing page
  • Measure your campaign's success Website advertisers receive free access to campaign dashboard
  • Promote your message for a month or more Advertisers receive one month's exposure on the IRN's web page
  • Align your brand with relevant and high-quality content Wallpaper advertisers can sponsor a feature or a keyword for one year
Please note: a maximum of two clients can share one position
Position Desktop Tablet Mobile EUR USD
Top Billboard
High profile position to promote, brand, exhibition or product lines. Run of site
728 x 90 pixels 468 x 60 pixels 300 x 75 pixels €2,500 $3,000
Prestigious ‘run of site’ positions to promote your brand, events, or products
300 x 250 pixels €1,900 $2,500
MPU 2 300 x 250 pixels €1,650 $2,000
MPU 3 300 x 250 pixels €1,200 $1,450
MPU 4 300 x 250 pixels €700 $900
Sponsored content
An opportunity for you to promote your knowledge or expertise on a specific subject, expanding in to a longer article or use video to further engage potential customers. Excellent for lead generation, or building brand awareness. ‘Run of site’.
Headline: (maximum 40 characters inc. spaces)
Standfirst: (maximum 250 characters inc. spaces)
Button text: Max 20 characters including spaces
Article: Max 3000 characters including spaces, five JPEG or PNG images or a link to an article hosted on your website.
Image size: High Res, 3:2 ratio JPEG*
*Images are processed to the best optimized size dependant on viewing device size and to ensure that the image is loaded instantly without delay
€3,300 $4,000
In-content leaderboard
Dominating position within the main news stories, allowing you to promote your brand, new product, event or offers, driving traffic to your chosen landing page through this run of site banner position.
598 x 100 pixels 468 x 60 pixels 300 x 75 pixels €1,650 $2,000
Solus wallpaper
A unique ‘run of site’ opportunity for you to dominate the entire IRN website
1260 x 1500 pixels 300 x 250 pixels 300 x 250 pixels €4,500 $5,400

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