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White Paper Marketing

White paper marketing will establish your company as an authority in your sector, giving you a competitive edge.

5 key benefits of producing and marketing a white paper:

  • Gain highly qualified, targeted leads
  • Establish your brand as an authority
  • Build a rapport with potential clients
  • Educate your audience
  • Hundreds of thousands of brand impressions during the marketing campaign.

Example of a Whitepaper Marketing Campaign

A company wanted to create a white paper around their key USP to promote the company, create engagement with their customer and generate high quality leads.

KHL Digital was commissioned to:

  • Create a survey
  • Send survey to a targeted section of readers
  • Compile the results
  • Write high quality White Paper via senior KHL editor
  • Client review and approval
  • Gate and promote White Paper on KHL digital channels
  • Deliver details of over 200 visitors who downloaded it
  • Marketing campaign:

Magazine Article

  • Published in relevant magazine with a circulation of 26,000
  • WEBSITE: Displayed on relevant websites’ home pages delivering 38,999 impressions.
  • NEWSLETTER: Published in relevant weekly newsletters for 1 month generating 21,451impressions.
  • ARTICLE: The article published on relevant websites and was viewed 289 times
  • E-BLAST: Two campaigns to relevant readers produced 7,716 opens with a 22.6% open rate.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: Facebook and Twitter posts generated 3,702 views.
  • REMARKETING BANNERS: Served to visitors to relevant websites using the Google Ads network delivered 103,287 impressions.

Benefits to the Client

  • Client brand promoted to a combined audience of 140,663
  • Details of 247 high-quality downloaders (with appropriate privacy permissions)
  • Ownership of a professionally produced White Paper
  • White Paper has a long shelf life
  • Distribution of the White Paper to client’s customer database
  • The White Paper sets the client apart from its competitors and elevates them as an authority in the sector


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