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KHL social media marketing is an effective way of reaching a new targeted audience. KHL brands are recognized as a leading and trusted source for information. Our social media channels have an extensive and loyal following. You can carry out a pure social media marketing campaign using KHL’s channels or use social media as part of the marketing mix for sponsored content and white papers.

Using a mix of KHL’s social media channels will mean a social media campaign does not have to be restricted to one channel or brand. Creatives can be broadcast over a combination of channels and brands that are suited to the messaging and have the desired audience.

The KHL Digital team will work with you to make the most of your social media campaign. The team can give you more information on the social media followers of each brand and which channels will be most suitable for your objectives. The team will ensure you are reaching the desired audience and will advise you if the creatives or messages need updating.

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KHL Case Study

An auction company chose KHL to promote an auction. Sponsored social media was used as part of the marketing mix.

Working closely with KHL’s Digital Team the channels were chosen and posts were scheduled to go out during the lead up to the auction. KHL provided regular updates and advice about campaign performance.

In total there were 10 sponsored posts that resulted in over 18,600 impressions, a 14% engagement rate and over 400 clicks through to the client website.

Rates & Specifications

1,000 Impressions - $345

For a social media campaign, this is what you will have to provide: 

Text: Up to 280 characters for Twitter including handles and hashtags.

Images: up to 5 images 

OR MP4 video: recommended no more than 2 minutes

Link: A link of your choice, if required.

Audience: The team will need to know the audience that you wish to target and the channels that you would like to use.

Launch: Supply preferred date and time for launch.



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