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Sponsored Content

Sponsored content creates reader engagement when written in a newsworthy format. It displays in a prominent position on the magazine homepage and is included on the relevant magazine weekly newsletter. Sponsored content is designed to educate the reader and increase brand engagement. ​

Sponsored content does not affect user experience.

You may provide images, video embed codes and links in the article back to your website.

Sponsored Videos

Sponsored videos of 1-3 minutes are ideal in capturing your audience. Placed on a high profile portal on the magazine homepage and on KHL’s YouTube channel.​

The KHL Digital Team will monitor your sponsored content and provide a full report on its performance.

Sponsored content works​. Visitors look at native ads 53% more than banner ads and create an 18% increase in purchase intent.​

Sponsored content fights ad fatigue​. As long as the content is relevant and interesting, native advertising engages the audience.​

Visitors know that sponsored content is a form of advertising​. But don’t seem to care.​

Sponsored content rates
Please note: 15% discount available for non-agency clients
Position Desktop Tablet Mobile EUR USD
Sponsored content/Video
Headline (maximum 40 characters inc. spaces)
Body copy (maximum 250 characters inc. spaces)
Click-through URL to article (KHL can host article if needed)
Image size: High Res, 3:2 ratio JPEG*
*Images are processed to the best optimized size dependant on viewing device size and to ensure that the image is loaded instantly without delay
€4,450 $5,340


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