What is remarketing?

Remarketing is the process of (anonymously) following or tracking website visitors online after they have left a website site where they are served advertisements via a cookie. A cookie is a piece of data that embeds itself in the browser of the user, enabling tracking of the websites they visit.

Who is remarketing good for?

Remarketing is an effective and helpful digital marketing strategy for every type of business, selling any kind of product or service. Small to medium sized businesses, and large corporations alike can benefit from remarketing, which is all about turning potential customers into paying customers.

What does this mean for visitors?

Remarketing is designed to make the advertising experience as friendly to the consumer as possible. People are constantly bombarded by advertisements for things they are not interested in. Remarketing tries to combat this, connecting customers to business as easily and painlessly as possible.

Benefits of using KHL’s remarketing

It’s an important element in a modern digital marketing effort. There are many reasons why remarketing works including:

Reducing Waste

Your ads will only be served to a KHL website visitor and as you can select visitors to the parts of our website that reflect your products and services there will be very little wastage.

Customise Adverts

The ability to send out “personalized” deals. Because you can target visitors to specific parts of the KHL websites you can offer them a special deal tailored to their profile. This means more engagements, more sales, and more customer retention.

Cross Selling

If a user visits one particular section of a KHL website, you can use remarketing to inform them of another product or service they might be interested in — something that may be related or complimentary to the one they looked at.

Brand Awareness

B2B marketers engage in long sale cycles. A buyer could spend months compiling lists of products or services that they are interested in acquiring before making a final decision and a purchase. These sale cycles require additional nurturing. Thus, many contact points with the customer over a long period of time are beneficial. These people may need to be reminded about your specific products and services.

Geographic and device

Enable viewers from selected countries/regions to view the banner enabling the ability to tailor the campaign to specific languages, cultures or products and services. Also, target devices and choose between desktop, tablets and/or mobiles or even further segment to specific devices such as Apple devices.

Campaign Reporting

The summary campaign statistics will be provided at regular intervals, plus the KHL Digital Team offers the ability to drill down and provide additional data on geography, devices, age and gender.

It’s a good idea to combine remarketing with other forms of digital advertising on KHL sites. For example if you have sponsored content, adding remarketing will increase your exposure to those people who have already shown interest in your product or services.

Misconceptions & brand safety

Myths & misconceptions

The biggest misconception is that remarketing is a form of stalking. People are concerned that they will be followed everywhere and spammed every time they visit a site. They are also worried about remarketing being too intrusive.

However, the visitor’s personal identity is never involved in remarketing and visitors are assigned a new anonymous ‘ID’ that can then be used to deliver advertisements. No matter what, you will find adverts on webpages as you browse the web. The only difference with remarketing, is that the next time you see an ad, it will most likely be something that you are interested in – something that is relevant to your interests.

Protecting your brand

Brand safety is very important, ensuring your online ads do not appear on or in websites, videos or articles that may conflict with the brand’s image, mission or goals is a must.

KHL remarketing utilises several advertising channels that have built in features to protect your brands image, including:

  • Facebook Ads Manager Providing advertisers with the opportunityto exclude advertisements appearing ina set of predetermined categories suchas gambling, dating, tragedy and conflict,mature and debatable social issues likereligion, guns and immigration. Taking thatone step further, advertisers can createblock lists on Facebook. This ensures theydo not advertise on particular pages’in-stream videos, websites or apps withinFacebook’s Audience network, and evendomains of publishers that utilize InstantArticles.
  • Google AdWords has ‘ManagedPlacements’. Google defines placements aslocations on the Google Display networkwhere your brand or business ads mayappear. That includes websites, a specificpage on a website, a mobile app or videocontent. Through managed placement,brands can choose where and where notto display their adverts.

Pricing and Specifications

Base Cost: 6,500 / US$7,500 / £5,000Including project setup, 250,000 impressions and brand safety.

Additional impressions: 3,600 / US$4,000 / £2,750 per additional 250,000 impressions.

To ensure that you don’t use all your purchased impressions in a short period of time, it is possible to cap your daily/weekly impressions, for example, 10,000 per day.

KHL will work proactively with you before and during the campaign to ensure a successful ROI. As a part of this project management you will be provided with regular updates on the campaigns progression to enable m id-campaign changes to both creatives and audience.

The technical specifications will be dispatched upon confirmation of booking.