Webinars & Virtual Events

Take full advantage of KHL’s expertise and audience by hosting a successful webinar or virtual event. Gain your audience’s undivided attention, showcase your products or services while demonstrating your knowledge on your sector. KHL offers webinars and virtual events that will bring you high quality, warm leads as well as establish your company as an authroity in the sector.


  • Generate Leads.
  • Educate your audience about your products and services.
  • Develop authority and trust in your sector.
  • Get instant feedback to help understand your audience better.
  • Content generated by recording can be repurposed for further marketing.
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Virtaul Events:

  • Gain thousands of impressions for your brand.
  • Showcase your new product to buyers of equipment.
  • Comprehensive pre-launch and post-launch marketing included.
  • Benefit from a bespoke product launch package depending on your needs and budget.
  • Full support will be given by the KHL team throughout the entire campaign.
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By partnering with KHL, you will be able to reach our extensive database and
align with our trusted brands.

What we offer:

Generate the audience

We promote the webinar via sponsored content positions and banners on KHL websites and newsletters, e-cast campaigns, and social media. Website banners and e-cast campaigns can be region specific via geolocation.

Hosting and recording the webinar

We provide the full service including moderators, using our enterprise-scale webinar software to host and broadcast the webinar including recording and producing a video to be shown post the event to give the webinar a long shelf life.

Post-event promotion

We promote the post-event video on all KHL digital channels including social media. The video can be gated to generate named viewers.

How it works

You and your team outline the desired webinar content and format as well as target audience
KHL & your team set up best possible Webinar time based on geographic target group
Webinar can be held by individual or a panel; KHL can provide a session moderator, if needed
Audience generation: Once a webinar date and time have been agreed upon and client has provided promotional content/visuals,
The webinar session is set up in enterprise scale conference software and all participants conveniently log in from home/office
Audience questions can be asked online to stimulate participation’
Post-event, KHL can launch a 2nd campaign via various promotional channels to drive additional audience. You can decide to gate the content or make it freely accessible.
In addition, you can certainly leverage the recording through your own channels
Pre-event set-up & promotion, hosting/recording, post-event marketing takes approximately 4-6 weeks based on available input from client

Webinar rates

Webinars start from $6,500 with the options to generate the audience, host and record the webinar and post marketing campaigns.

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Virtual Events

KHL’s Virtual Events allow you to reach key decision makers in the industry and can be used to launch a new product or service. They are an opportunity to showcase your new product to buyers of equipment, with comprehensive prelaunch and post-launch marketing.

Communication channels offered:


Promote your launch to a wide audience using adverts and advertorials or tailor it to regions or demographics using inserts or cover mounted invites.

A series of E-Blasts in the lead up to the event will deliver your message directly to the inboxes of the target audience.
Sponsored content

Provide detailed information, links, images and videos to KHL’s web visitors with sponsored content.

Ensure KHL’s website visitors don’t miss your messages. Target them directly as they browse the web.
Business Development

Utilise the power of KHL’s Business Development Team. They will call the key contacts and invite them personally to the launch event.
Social Media

Create a buzz around the event with social media marketing on KHL’s channels
Direct Mail

The event may be virtual, but we can still reach our contacts with physical invitations mailed to them. Stand out from the crowd and make an impression with this personal touch.
Newsletter Banners

Advertise the event in KHL’s weekly newsletters to reach an engaged audience.
Website Banners

Place your banners on KHL’s editorial and equipment websites to reach thousands of potential attendees.
Creative Services

We have an experienced team that can help with print and digital design, print managment, video production, copywriting, audio visuals, event managment and more. We can work with you to bring your launch to life.

Visual Launch Solutions:

KHL offers two different visual solutions for virtual events that fit your needs and budget. Full technical support and hosting is available if required.

Option 1

Zoom Platform

Up to 1000 attendees can join live and watch as you unveil your new product to the world.

  • Live virtual event
  • Live Q & A from the audience
  • Display pre-recorded video
  • Invite panellists to talk live and answer questions about your product.
  • Event can be recorded
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Details of all registrations will be provided to you with relevant permissions


  • KHL webinar zoom registration email with your branding
  • The Webinar recording will be made available post event on khl.com and our youtube channel.

Option 2

Crowd Comms Platform

For a fully dynamic experience that brings all the advantages of an in-person event into the virtual world. KHL’s chosen event platform has everything that you need.

  • Secure online platform dedicated to your event.
  • Seamless registration process, including GDPR compliance.• Multiple screen options: presenter view, video, PowerPoint.
  • Chat and video call functionality for live interaction.
  • Separate modules within site for brochures, specs, videos.
  • Separate modules to chat with product specialists.
  • Live chat and Q&A function built-in to viewer
  • Brand the platform with your logos, colours, images.

Throughout the whole campaign you will have full support from the KHL team and access to the KHL campaign performance to view your campaign statistics.

After the event, you will be provided with a full report and the list of attendees to your event, with relevant marketing permissions.

Download our Virtual Events brochure here


Gabriele Dinsel
+49 171 67 25 512
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