Programmatic Marketing

KHL’s programmatic marketing allows you to reach our audience as they browse the web – but only those who have shown an interest in a particular product, service or project, greatly increasing your targeting and reducing campaign wastage.


KHL programmatic marketing is for companies of any size who want to reach a niche audience within the construction or power sectors. You can narrow down further to target specific regions around the world.

By targeting people who have recently researched or shown interest in a particular topic, not only will you be reaching the right people, but you’ll also be reaching them at the right time. It is not possible to drill down to such a targeted audience through using the Google platform alone.

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  1. A KHL editor uploads an article to one of our 18 news sites and tags what it is about, from over 300 different categories.
  2. Every time anyone with cookies enabled reads an article a cookie is dropped on their browser, allowing KHL to show display ads to them through the Google network.
  3. Behind the scenes the readers are added to a specific audience that matches the categories of any article they have read.
  4. A client chooses which categories they wish to target and can narrow it down further by region.
  5. KHL sets up display ads through the Google network to target the chosen audience and optimises the campaign to deliver impressions over an agreed timeframe.
  6. Results are reported through KHL’s digital campaign dashboard.


You will need to choose which of our categories you wish to target and the geographic regions. You can either supply your own creatives, or KHL can do them for you. You will also need to supply your target URL.

Creatives can be updated throughout the campaign.

How much does it cost?

$7,500 for 125,000 impressions. Including prject setup.


With over 300 different categories to choose from you can target your message to those professionals that are actively looking at products like yours.

Below is just a small example of the story tags you could select from.


  • Gas Compression
  • Gas Turbines
  • Oil & Gas
  • Prime Movers
  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Turbines


  • Demolition Excavators
  • High-Reach
  • Long-reach
  • Mini-excavator
  • Non-hydraulic
  • Scrap Handlers
  • Tracked Excavators
  • Trenchers
  • Wheeled Excavators


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